Time to Envision a Better School Year

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Back to School season is now upon us, and with a new educational year comes a checklist for preparation. Once you’ve knocked out the school supplies, fancy threads and the must-have shoes, it’s time for an overlooked yet crucial element for a successful school year – a comprehensive eye exam.

You may be under the impression that a mandatory vision screening arranged by the school is good enough and basically the same thing as an eye exam. Well, it’s not. Vision screenings typically account for distance vision, but rarely evaluate near vision or eye coordination. That’s why it’s important to see professionals like Dr. Stephen Gross and Dr. David Helton at Perspective Eye Center and schedule a comprehensive eye exam before school starts.

As children grow, their eyes change as well. Nearsightedness (myopia) often develops around 6 or 7 years of age and can dramatically worsen in the next several years if gone untreated. A comprehensive eye exam can detect these issues, as well as other eye issues like astigmatism, lazy eye (amblyopia) or misaligned eyes (strabismus). The earlier you can diagnose problems and begin treatment, the better.

This summer, if your child complained of blurry vision or headaches, a total eye exam is a must. Learning environments are 80% visual and if a child can’t see well, it’s going to cause learning difficulties and concentration lapses.

And even if your child didn’t complain about vision issues, ask them anyway! Most children with vision problems don’t even know they have one. Vision correction can make a significant impact, in the classroom and on the athletic field, so be sure to have a conversation about vision before the school year starts.

For the athletes out there, Perspective Eye Center offers Wiley X Prescription Sports Eyewear http://www.wileyx.com/products/prescription. So, whether you’re a Spanish Fort Toro, a Daphne Trojan or a Fairhope Pirate, you can take your eyes (and your game) to the next level.


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