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What Are the Best Contacts for Dry Eyes?

A close up of a person suffering from dry eye

Dry, irritated eyes can make it harder to focus on your everyday tasks. For contact wearers, this condition can make wearing your lenses feel impossible. Thankfully, dry eyes don’t mean you have to give up wearing your contacts; several lenses are suited for this condition. If you experience chronic dry eyes, continue reading to learn […]

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Do Scleral Lenses Work for Dry Eye?

A close up on someone's eye who is putting in a scleral contact lens to help treat dry eye

Millions of Americans experience dry eye symptoms, and irritation and soreness can affect your ability to focus or even damage your eyes. Dry eyes can make wearing contacts difficult because of inflammation.  Many optometrists recommend scleral lenses if contacts are difficult to wear because of dry eyes, but do they help? Continue reading to learn […]

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