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A visit to the optometrist can be overwhelming and intimidating for your child. We use complicated-looking tools that may seem scary to young children, but our compassionate staff will handle your child’s exam gently so they can learn something about their eyes and even have a little fun!

We strongly believe that a child’s ability to see is key to their learning and development, so we happily welcome children of all ages to our office. Using a combination of compassionate care, unwavering patience, and gentle examination techniques, we’ll ensure your whole family is well taken care of.

When Does Your Child Need an Eye Exam?

Your child’s eyes can rapidly change as they grow. Because of this, It’s crucial to bring your child in for regular eye exams to monitor any changes and provide corrective eyewear or treatment methods that may be necessary.


Shortly after birth, your child should have their eyes examined for basic indicators of good eye health. This will likely include a red reflex test and blink and pupil response. However, if your child was born prematurely, has signs of eye disease, or has a family history of childhood eye disease, they should undergo a comprehensive exam.

During the 1st year of your child’s life, you should have their eyes thoroughly examined again to check for healthy eye alignment and movement. We will also perform the same tests done at birth to determine if anything has changed and if further testing may be necessary.

Between the ages of 1 and 3 years old, we will assess your child’s eyes for healthy development and any early signs of eye disease. Tests may involve a photoscreening test where a specialized camera takes high-definition images of your child’s eyes. Any photos we take can help pinpoint early signs of eye conditions like amblyopia (“lazy eye”).

When your child is old enough for preschool, they should have their vision and eye alignment assessed. We will use a standard letter chart to test their visual acuity and recommend if they may need corrective eyewear or should expect to in the future.

We may request your child undergoes a full comprehensive exam if they show signs of:

In the case we spot early signs of a vision or health problem, we can implement treatments that can help maximize your chances of protecting their eyesight and ocular health.

As your child gets older, their eyesight will become more and more critical to their learning abilities. Having regular eye exams to evaluate their visual acuity and alignment is imperative to help them perform their best in school or playing sports.

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common refractive error that may start developing around this time. By diagnosing it early, we can start implementing myopia control techniques to help slow its progression and help maintain clear vision for your child.

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What Will the Exam Involve?

Early in life, your child will likely only need a basic vision screening. As they get older, they will need to undergo a comprehensive exam, which tests for:

The exam will also include an examination of the front surface of the eye and, using dilating eye drops, an evaluation of the inner workings of the eye, including the retina and optic nerve.

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Did you know that your athletic performance heavily relies on your eyes? We offer specific training for athletes to help strengthen your hand-eye coordination, focus, and other visual skills.

Sports Vision Training

Your child’s vision plays a significant role in their development. Some eye exams can feel intimidating, but our children’s eye exams help your child learn a little more about their eyes in an environment where they can feel comfortable.

Children’s Eye Exams

Examinations from an eye care professional are crucial for pinpointing early signs of eye disease, which may not always show symptoms. Our highly trained staff know precisely what to look for to help preserve your eye health.

Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

Your eyesight and ocular health will change significantly with age and increase your risk of developing certain diseases and conditions. But, having an eye exam is the first step to maintaining your eye health and vision.

Adult & Senior Eye Exams


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