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Enhance Your Athletic Ability

Whether you’re trying to pass a ball, puck, or birdie, we want to help you take your game to your next level. Good vision plays a significant role in your athletic success, helping you stay focused on the target of the game. Our sports vision therapy programs are custom-built around your needs and goals, so we can work together to create a plan that works best for you.

We work hard to create a specific plan for the sport you play, developed to improve the visual skills necessary for you to succeed. With high-tech training equipment and rigorous training protocols, we can help you with your eye motility, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, and recognition speed. It’s our primary goal to help your game performance improve by strengthening your overall visual skills.

How We Evaluate Sports Vision Therapy

Athletes are tested on 10 sport-relevant visual and sensory performance skills. Individual results can be compared instantly to our athlete performance database by position, sport and competition level. This allows Dr. Enfinger to produce a customized Senaptec Sensory Performance Profile. Senaptec tools can provide the edge for athletes to perform more consistently and at a higher level. Visit for more details and be sure to check out their client list of high profile athletes. The report reveals your player’s strength and areas for improvement.

During the evaluation these 10 visual and sensorimotor skills will be tested:

  • Visual Clarity- See details at a distance
  • Contrast Sensitivity- See through distractions
  • Depth Perception- Judge depth information
  • Near-Far Quickness- Change your focus rapidly
  • Perception Span- Visually acquire critical information
  • Multiple Object Tracking- Track objects moving in space
  • Reaction Time- Hand reaction to visual signal
  • Target Capture- Rapidly shift and recognize peripheral targets
  • Eye-Hand Coordination- Hand responses to changing targets
  • Go/No Go- Make decisions and react in pressure situations

A custom improvement plan is provided to start effective training immediately.

What Does a Sports Vision Therapy Program Include?

At Perspective Eye Center, the focus is on you and improving your game. All of our sports vision therapy programs include a combination of individually prescribed and monitored exercises to strengthen the connection between your eyes and your brain. Your plan will involve weekly in-office appointments to demonstrate exercises for you so you can practice at home daily.

Baseline & Return-To-Play:

Athletes are an at-risk group for concussions. A baseline evaluation will give Dr.Enfinger the data needed to compare post-concussion. This will help your doctors and coaches determine when your athlete is ready to return to play. For more information click here.

Your program’s duration depends on your needs and goals and may range from a few weeks to several months. Throughout the program, you’ll receive close monitoring and detailed follow-up appointments to evaluate your progress and make changes where necessary.

What Sports Can Sports Vision Therapy Help?

Depending on the sport you play, different visual skills may be necessary for the game. For example, soccer, basketball, and tennis require strong tracking skills to keep the “eye on the ball.” Hockey and baseball players need strong peripheral vision awareness, tracking, and concentration to effectively shoot or pass to other players.

Football players use several different skills, depending on the position they play. Quarterbacks need strong peripheral vision skills, tracking, and depth perception to pass to their receivers and avoid getting sacked. Defensive players like centers or guards also need great peripheral vision awareness to tackle other players and estimate where they’re going effectively.

Sports vision therapy helps strengthen the visual skills necessary to be successful in most sports. Some of the visual skills sports therapy can improve include:

If you’re interested in what sports vision therapy can do for your game, we’d be happy to discuss it with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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