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Exercise For Your Eyes

Vision therapy helps strengthen the communication between your eyes and your brain through a combination of various activities and exercises. Both children and adults can benefit from vision therapy as long as there is proper guidance from their doctor and genuine dedication from the patient.

At Perspective Eye Center, we want to make sure we do our part to help you feel healthy and comfortable. That’s why Dr. Enfinger designs each vision therapy curriculum unique to each individual. Vision is more than just the eyes, it is how the brain perceives the surrounding world & interacts with it. Vision therapy can undo inefficient neurological adaptations and create more efficient, more comfortable binocular vision. Treatment length varies, depending on the extent of the conditions requiring treatment. Consistent attendance and home therapy have a direct impact on how quickly a patient finds success in vision therapy.

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How Can Vision Therapy Help Me?

A customized vision therapy program coupled with dedicated practice can help a myriad of vision problems. We aim to unlock you or your child’s vision potential, and vision therapy can help. Over 80% of learning is visual, so working to strengthen the ocular system can benefit you or your child throughout the rest of your lives.

Do you observe the following behaviour(s) in yourself or your child?

  • Dislike reading?
  • Eyes burn or feel strained after short periods of desk work?
  • Vision gets blurry when reading?
  • Headaches when reading?
  • Letters or words run together?
  • Double vision?
  • Fatigues quickly?
  • Often loses place or omits words?
  • Skips words or lines or has to re-read lines?
  • Eyes appear too cross or drift out?
  • Difficulty recognizing letters, words, or simple shapes and forms?
  • Poor comprehension?
  • Poor spelling?
  • Did your child have difficulty learning their letters?
  • Has your child received OT, PT or Speech?
  • Is your handwriting messy?
  • Is your child unable to discern left from right?
  • Unusual pencil grip?
  • Has your child’s teacher expressed concerns about your child?

If you said yes to multiple items on this list, contact Perspective Eye Center to schedule an appointment.

Common Vision Problems


Amblyopia, or “lazy eye,” is a condition that causes one eye to drift, appearing to not focus in tandem with the other. It’s caused by a lack of development in the “lazy” eye, which often occurs due to an uncorrected refractive error or eye misalignment.

Because amblyopia is often a developmental condition, it typically occurs in infancy or early childhood. Early diagnosis and treatment are imperative to correct the problem and give the brain’s neural and visual pathways a chance to develop properly.

When a child has amblyopia, they seldom realize one of their eyes is not functioning correctly as the stronger eye does all the work. Having your child’s eyes examined before they are 6 months old can aid in detecting any signs that their eyes are not functioning normally or seeing equally. Annual eye exams are recommended for children starting at age 3.

Strabismus, or “crossed eyes,” is a condition that causes the eyes to appear crossed or misaligned. Strabismus may be intermittent or constant and can worsen when the eye muscles are tired. Strabismus is caused by weak eye muscles, problems with the nerves that control the eyes, or issues with the brain, where visual signals are processed.

Strabismus is often hereditary and generally affects around 4% of children. Although strabismus can’t be prevented, proper treatment during the early stages can correct the problem or reduce its severity.

If you notice your child’s eyes turning inward or outward intermittently, bring them in for a thorough eye exam to pinpoint the cause and prevent it from worsening.

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Our Services

Did you know that your athletic performance heavily relies on your eyes? We offer specific training for athletes to help strengthen your hand-eye coordination, focus, and other visual skills.

Sports Vision Training

Your child’s vision plays a significant role in their development. Some eye exams can feel intimidating, but our children’s eye exams help your child learn a little more about their eyes in an environment where they can feel comfortable.

Children’s Eye Exams

Examinations from an eye care professional are crucial for pinpointing early signs of eye disease, which may not always show symptoms. Our highly trained staff know precisely what to look for to help preserve your eye health.

Eye Disease Diagnosis & Management

Your eyesight and ocular health will change significantly with age and increase your risk of developing certain diseases and conditions. But, having an eye exam is the first step to maintaining your eye health and vision.

Adult & Senior Eye Exams


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